If you've seen those ubiquitous Dan Smith ads around the city over the years, it has probably crossed your mind at least once or twice that this infamous guitar instructor never ages. Unfortunately I can't say the same for his popular worn-out headline: Dan Smith will teach you guitar.

That famous line was funny at first due to its sheer inability to predict the future. No, Dan. Actually you will not teach me guitar. Dan the Man ran that same line over and over again, and it got old pretty quick.

Thankfully, he rescued us with a new (or newish) headline that actually has some humor and truth to it. Many people can relate to that long lost instrument stuck in the back of the closet. As a copywriter, I find the new headline refreshing. As a wanna-be musician, I think it's totally on target. Well done, Dan.

And miraculously, you still look exactly the same compared to 20 years ago.


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