Last weekend, the kids attended a birthday party at the New York Transit Museum. I think I was just as excited about it as they were. What makes this museum so special, in my opinion, is the immersive experience.

To enter, you have to walk down an old subway station stairwell entrance, purchase admission and then pass through an old turnstile. So from the very beginning, it feels like you've been transported to another era in time.

Walk down one more level and now you're on a train platform with subway cars from different eras on both tracks. You can walk in to any of them and grab a seat. The old ads are still there, from brands like Gennesee Beer, Pez Candy, Keds and others. You can see the subway maps and the "no smoking" signs, too. Everything has been preserved. It's this attention to detail that makes me feel more like a subway passenger than a museum visitor each time I visit.


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