I finally made it to this exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum of Art. It was the second to last day, and the place was packed. It was about as crowded as I've ever seen any exhibit, but I'm still glad I went. There were the expected iconic photographs of Dylan, Cash, Turner, and shots used for album covers like Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy and U2's Joshua Tree. But I think the best photos at the exhibit were the unassuming, everyday-looking shots. There was a great shot of Jay-Z and Puff Daddy texting on their phones. And also a candid Polaroid of Madonna. It was a good reminder of how visually oriented rock and roll is. My only gripe with the exhibit is playing jazz tunes in the background of the slideshow. A little strange hearing "The Girl From Ipanema" while looking at photos of Crosby, Stills & Nash and James Taylor.


Cliff said…
Okay, tell me about the picture.
Here's my interpretation. A younger generation hax mixed emotions about the current state of rock & roll, including respect and maybe a little bit of fear. In contrast to the flocks that would chase after The Beatles, this generation is trying to figure out what to make of Dylan.

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