The wife and I took a babymoon to Barcelona for six days. It's the last trip for a while since our baby will be arriving soon. I'm glad we picked Barcelona. I've been there twice before, but this was the longest stay that I've had there. Carol's never been, but she's been wanting to go to Spain for years. Barcelona made sense for us because of its thing for art and expression. Aesthetically, it doesn't get much better than Barcelona. Since my first trip in 1999, I've always appreciated the amazing architecture of Gaudi. I also am appreciating the art of Miro and Picasso more and more as I get older. But during this most recent trip, I was reminded of how aesthetics are infused throughout every aspect of Catalonian life. It's evident in things as seemingly insignificant as storefront shutters - decked out in elaborate graffiti art. And it's also there in the urban planning of the city's center, Eixample, with its beautiful hexagon blocks. It's hard not to be inspired by the beauty of Barcelona. I'm looking forward to seeing how Carol captures it in her handcrafted jewelry.


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