Carol and I stumbled upon a great deal. $94 for a one-year pass for us and Sophia, which includes unlimited access to the Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, and NY Aquarium. Fortunately we're only a 15-minute walk to the Central Park Zoo. So we can really take advantage of this membership. On Monday we went for the first time as a family - Carol and Sophia already went with another mom and baby two weeks ago. You certainly can't compare the Central Park Zoo to the scale and name recognition of the Bronx Zoo. But there's a charm to it that's hard not to like. There's also the irrefutable coolness that it's located inside the Park. My wife has been doing a terrific job of finding free and discounted activities for Sophia - everything from story times to play times to classes. Now we can add penguins to that list.


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