We're wrapping up a week and a half long trip out in L.A. today. Last night, I got to check out one of the city's ArcLight Cinemas. The ticket prices are $3 more than what you typically pay at other theaters. They definitely try to cater to a more upscale audience, most notably through reserved seating, commercial-free viewings and a bar/lounge. You can even drink inside the theaters. The reserved seating was nice, but not necessary last night. The place was empty, kinda surprising for a 10:30 pm Saturday night showtime of True Grit - only in its second week. They definitely lost a lot of money there. But the seats were very comfortable. I wouldn't have minded if they had seat warmers too. In a world of Hulu, Netflix, and big screen TVs, I don't see the ArcLight concept surviving long term. But I think they can bring in some revenue through screenings and special events. It was a pretty nice experience for me, but definitely not worth the extra money. On a side note, True Grit was solid. The Coen brothers are solid as always, and Jeff Bridges was superb.


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