I'm not a huge fan of corporate Christmas - especially when dollars are spent on useless holiday decorations. But I was admittedly drooling when I saw this display at the Blackrock building on 53rd Street. There were more than half a dozen scenes connected to form a magnificent bear village. It was like a secular nativity scene - and really the epitome of another pet peeve of mine: commercialized Christmas. Yet I enjoyed the display thoroughly. I think it's because everything the bears were doing, I want to do. Relaxing with a piping hot cup of coffee at Starbears Coffee, pan-roasting fish over open flame, and frolicking in the snow. In short, what I often mistakenly view as the good life. These are good things, but we've gotten so far from the original meaning of Christmas. These stuffed bears only reinforce what my pastor has said the season is all about. Not the virgin birth, but the fact that we go our own way.


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