The Knicks are a team again.

They haven't been one for a while. We've brought in a couple of superstars recently, but we lacked role players, depth, and the ever-underrated team chemistry. That's all changed. It's almost like a miracle. While I've enjoyed every minute of the Linsanity - watching his immense talent on the floor and seeing how he conducts himself with remarkable humility - I've been most impressed by how this team is coming together under his leadership, now playoff bound - and perhaps even more following the defeat of the NBA's defending champion Mavs on Sunday.

We love a good underdog story. We love miracles. We eat that stuff up. But what I've found interesting is how Lin's humility and selfless character are just as appealing to us - if not more. In Lin, we see someone who deflects the attention off himself and points it right back at you - whether you're a teammate, a coach, a fan, a friend or relative, an opponent, or God. Jeremy Lin's story is amazing to us because of the fact that he sees so much more to the story than just himself.


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