After some amazing, uncharacteristic weather earlier in the week, the last three days have reminded us that we're still living in a New York City summer. I'm not sure anyone really looks forward to New York City summers - except maybe a percentage of teachers and other professionals who have the summer months off. The heat and the humidity are not kind to New Yorkers. They toy with our emotions and leave victory sweat marks on our shirt collars. And they're merciless to us when we're underground waiting for a train. This is why people leave the city on the weekends. If the city was so great during the summer, we would never want to leave. But you ask, "What about all those great summer activities?" Free concerts, rooftop movies, dancing, tasting events, Governors Island, et cetera, et cetera. They're all nice, but I suspect they're not enough to make us really love New York City summers. Thankfully, they're enough to make these months just a little more bearable. But my favorite season in New York City will always be fall.


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