This week's subway altercation, push, and fatality was a pretty sobering event to start off the week. It happened in the heat of the moment, showing what could happen when someone pisses you off enough.

I won't just write off the homeless guy who did this as being crazy or stupid. I think if many of us were having a dreadful day (or life, in this case) and someone was verbally pushing us relentlessly, I can see how things can escalate and quickly get out of control.

I'm not saying we'd all go out and do this. But I think we're a lot closer to doing something dramatic and extreme than we think we are. Really, the fact that this man was pushed off the platform doesn't surprise me.

What does shock me is that the photographer - who took the famous image of the man on the tracks - didn't try to help. Nor did anyone else. Even in a city like New York, it's surprising that not one person tried to help. Come on New York, where's your heart?


The sad part is, there were people who were close to the victim, who watched and didn't do anything. You can see it in the pictures.Why did no one help him? I'm outragged that commuters stand back while man desperately tries to escape the path of New York subway train.
I think that was probably the saddest part. Not just one, but several people were there. They could've banded together to help.

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