Formula One gracing the wall of MOMA's education center.
Last month, we decided to get a 12-month membership at MOMA (unlimited admission to MOMA and MOMA PS1), and it was totally worth it. MOMA membership is a no-brainer for art aficionados. But it's also a great deal for people who appreciate art, but only visit museums and galleries a handful of times per year (like my wife and I). If you're looking for reasons to get it, here are five:

1) The price: $85/year for the individual membership. If you go four times in the year, you already got your money's worth since individual admission is $25 per visit.

2) Children get in for free. No matter how many you have, you don't pay a cent for any of them. And there's plenty for children to do - from special exhibits to the art labs to the family programs and films.

3) Five $5 adult passes per visit. This is stellar considering your guests pay $20 less than they would normally have to pay for regular admission.

4) You get all sorts of exclusive privileges and freebies, including sneak exhibition previews, free MOMA film tickets, and a thing called Member Early Hours where you get to see a selected exhibition before everyone else.

5) Your membership fee is 100% tax deductible.


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