Anything can happen at any moment on our streets. Even in the protected bubble of midtown Manhattan. How do we respond? Yesterday I stepped out of my office to grab a bite only to find a man on the ground in the middle of a seizure. He was sprawled out in the bus lane, shaking, head bleeding, soaking wet from the rain. A few other people also rushed to his aid. A couple of us were on the phone with 911. Some were trying to talk to the man. A biker was holding his handkerchief over the head wound. A couple of us were simply holding our umbrellas over the man's body to keep him as dry as possible. Most of all, a few New Yorkers decided to show up and to stay. We stayed until the man was safely taken into an ambulance. New York, yesterday you gave me a little more hope in you. You kinda sucked for a while. Like when you didn't do anything when the guy got shoved onto the subway tracks. But yesterday was a better day.


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