NY Daily News
During De Blasio's first full week as New York City Mayor, the city got dumped on with massive snowfall. Many residents stated it was his first real test as the new mayor in town. The city's plowing efforts were impressive, and it certainly made many New Yorkers feel good about the new mayor. But the next big snowstorm was a totally different story.

I've been shocked to see a lack of plowing done in midtown main thoroughfares like Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue this week. And as we've all heard, Upper Eastsiders are pissed at the fact that they got shafted with the city's plowing efforts.

Some are saying that the neighborhood is getting penalized for not giving De Blasio enough support on election day. While I won't get into that, I think it's ridiculous how much coverage this "poor" neighborhood is getting compared to the countless neighborhoods that have been shafted several times in the past in favor of the Upper Eastside. Why should one neighborhood's voice be heard to the exclusion of many others?


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