I just got back from a weekend ski trip to New Hampshire. I already wrote an earlier post about how much weekend ski trips rock. So now here's a blog about a more specific element: the road. Any good road trip requires good conversation, a pit stop at McD's and a solid selection of tunes. This past weekend, as soon as we started losing reception of the New York City radio stations, we raided a portion of my friend's CD collection which he keeps underneath the passenger seat. I found a few road trip staples in there, one of them being Journey's Greatest Hits. Perfect for long drives. Heck, even the band's name fits the bill. Listening to Journey brought back memories of a road trip I did in Guatemala in 2005. We rode mini-van from Coban to Guatemala City. The surreal drive down Guatemala's mountainous spine was enhanced by songs like "Don't Stop Believin" and "Faithfully". Curiously, I noticed those same songs having quite the same effect on our crawl up Interstate 91 through heavy snow. Listening to music on the road does more than just make the time pass by. It makes the road trip fuller. But I made a newer observation this past weekend. I realized that I'm not just reacting to the tunes themselves, but to the pairing of the music with the sound of the road.


Anonymous said…
Definitely certain songs are better on the road. For me, CSN is the best to listen to while driving.

Sue and I heard "Don't Stop Believin'" in the car on Sunday. (Thanks to The Sopranos finale, it's had a resurgence.) It's really one of the most perfectly crafted pop-rock songs.
Anonymous said…
fun roadtripping with you. :)
Cliff said…
In 1981 I went to the old JFK stadium in Philly to see the Rolling Stones. George Thorogood opened and was well received being Philly boy. Then came Journey who was at the height of its fame. But everyone was there to see the Stones and we booed Journey off the stage. One of those things you remember from those acid tinged days.

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