One of the things I'd like to accomplish with this blog is to highlight local businesses that have great products and services. One of them is my wife's own side gig: MustardSeed by.carollai. Using the online community and platform of etsy.com, she has been able to showcase earrings and necklaces that she handcrafted herself. She uses materials like semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, gold-filled chains, and sterling silver. Her products are great, and she also has fun names for each item. The item above is called Musing Moon earrings. It's a lot of fun watching Carol make her masterpieces and use her creative talents. You can check out her products by clicking on the link above.


Anonymous said…
thank you honey! :) for supporting me and for promoting me. let's pray for some more buyers!
Mystic Brain said…
How wonderful this stuff is. Thank you for sharing

Rohini from those Wunderman days.

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