Yesterday I was laying on my couch when all of a sudden I heard a pop, followed by some boiling and crackling - like an electric cauldron. I was like, what the heck? Am I dreaming? Soon after the crazy noise, I was getting ready to leave the apartment and I noticed a powerful, gaseous odor making itself quite at home in my apartment. I would say it was stench-caliber.

It turns out it was an energy saver light bulb that probably blew out a while ago. I never bothered to replace the light bulb because there are two other light bulbs accompanying it in the light fixture. Little did I realize that you shouldn't keep burned-out light bulbs intact with the light switch on. Your defunct lightbulb will return from the dead as a putrid aroma.

Ever catch a smell that brings you back to an earlier moment or time? That happened to me last weekend. I was waiting for the 6 train at 51st Street and Lexington to head to a church family dinner in Williamsburg for some tasty pork roast and good conversation. We had asparagus, which was followed by stinky pee. Ever notice that about asparagus? It's true. But I digress. So I was waiting on the south side of the downtown platform when all of a sudden I catch a whiff. It was the same whiff from Walsh Hall's dining facility at BC. Crazy. That's a smell circa 1995. Exact same odor.

This got me thinking about good smells. Smells that I've come to love in this city. Besides pretty much every steakhouse. This place comes to mind immediately: Amy's Bread at 9th Avenue between 46th & 47th Streets.


SJinMass said…
I don't remember the Walsh Dining Hall smell. I do remember chicken cutlet sandwiches there late night- mmmm. Back to smells, how can you not mention the smelliest bar in Boston, MaryAnn's! What is really weird is that it's sister bar, Beacon Hill Pub, had the same smell. And to think that the smell of MA's was so strong as to almost mask the smell of cigarette smoke from when people could smoke in bars.

Good times.
carollai said…
you a funny man. smells. you are one for smells of all sorts! pumpkin smells you particularly like. :D
Unknown said…
Nice. I have a very sensitive nose. I used to detect odors before my college roommate would (he sits behind me in the dorm). But he had much better hearing than me. We used to joke that if we combine our powers, we'd be able to smell and hear everything before anyone else. Admittedly, "The Amazing Nose & Ear Duo" didn't sound like a very cool superhero.
Maryanns was truly the smelliest bar I've ever stepped into - anywhere. A combo of stale beer, rotten wood and general decay.
cavitybuster said…
that's impressive that you have odor memories from 95! i think that lower dining hall took over after you left. i don't remember the walsh dining hall at all! :( but i actually think back about the food at BC quite often... they had great 'hots' for the subs for late night.

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