Last week, Carol and I hunkered down at an all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas, a last-minute trip that we squeezed in right before she started her new job. This was the first time either of us stayed at an all-inclusive. At first, the sluggish lifestyle was a bit of an adjustment. Lots of food. Invigorating ocean water. Breathtaking views. Cheesy shows. Pina Coladas by day. White Russians by night. And more food. It's a tough life. By the second day, we were hooked.

I made it a point to really get away on this vacation. I didn't use a computer for the entire week, which explains my absence on this blog. Only a couple of times did I catch bits and pieces of news when I shot quick glances at the tv sets hanging inside the resort's gym. I also didn't make a single cell phone call, relegating my phone to a mere pocket watch. And I silenced my iPod. Thankfully the band that played outdoors each night cranked out some good tunes, including quite a bit of Pink Floyd.

I came to realize that nixing electronic devices and staring out into the Pacific Ocean does the soul good. I also got to catch up on books. I haven't been reading all that much lately, so it was nice to turn some pages during this trip. I really admired the storytelling abilities of Khaled Hosseini ("A Thousand Splendid Suns") and James McBride ("The Color of Water"). And I also got halfway through C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity". In Los Cabos - ironically - I renewed my love for the English language.


Cliff said…
Nice concept, turning off those electronic devices. Haven't tried that in a while.

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