I remember there was a time when I'd sit in front of a tiny little t.v. set and watch entire Yankee games on WPIX, Channel 11. Those were the days of Mattingly, my favorite Yankee. The team wasn't even that good back then. I would've killed to see them go to the World Series back then. Now that we're in one, I'm blogging instead of watching Game 1.

I've lost interest in the Yankees for quite a few years now. It started when the franchise made a habit out of spending crazy amounts of money to bring in players who are past their prime. There was definitely a period when there didn't seem to be much player development at all. I missed seeing players come out of the farm system, turning from boys to men inside those pinstripe uniforms. But I've also found that as I've gotten older, I just don't have the patience and time to follow a 162-game season anymore.

Go Yanks.


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