Ever since I stopped taking Mandarin classes, I pretty much stopped speaking Mandarin. But this is the one place where I've managed to practice a few phrases here and there. An unassuming laundromat on the Upper Eastside near my office. I befriended an older married couple here who run the business and sit peacefully behind the counter. The first time I went there to drop off a shirt, I heard them speaking Mandarin to each other. So I tried to engage with them with my horrible tones and small talk. I found that they were very friendly and very patient with me. Almost a month ago, they told me that I should come back during my lunch hour to say hello and to practice. Today I finally returned since I had some time to take a brief walk and get some air. I learned that their last name is Gao, the same gao as gaoxing which means 'happy.' In my head, the husband will forever be known as Mr. Happy.


Cliff said…
Nee hao mah ! Shi shi. That's the extent of my Mandarin knowledge.
carollai said…
sigh. perhaps mandarin classes should restart. it's a waste when you've taken some already and learned the basics... only to forget it all.

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