It's official. I'm a dad. On Tuesday at 6:28pm, Sophia Paige Lai entered this crazy world via St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, weighing in at 5lbs 11oz and measuring 18.5 in. tall. She's a little peanut. I was so proud of my wife throughout the entire labor process. She had to get induced, had pitocin, and still delivered without an epidural. Carol is such a strong, determined woman when she knows what she wants, which includes having a natural birth. But I also know that God was truly with us and heard hundreds of prayers from family and friends. I still can't believe Sophia was inside my wife's belly all that time. She's the second love of my life.


Cliff said…
Beautiful baby. Congratulations. My wife did the same, had to get induced and still natural. It takes a real woman to do that! Best wishes.
Thanks Cliff. Our wives rule!

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