James De La Vega is a New York City staple and a big time street artist - but probably more universally known for his chalk-scrawled quotes that appear on sidewalks under the moniker De La Vega. I gave him my New Yorker nod for a few reasons. First, he's made a name for himself in this city. Not easy to do. And he's done it through unconventional means - using public surfaces as his canvas for murals and chalk drawings. His work is actually talked about by non-artsy people. His philosophical musings reach the mainstream, and people actually stop to read his quotes. Second, De La Vega wears a ton of hats, which makes him almost quintessentially New York. He's a photographer, a former teacher, and I just saw that he also works as a motivational speaker. There's a lot more going on with this guy than just those mysterious quotes and Harlem murals. Lastly, De La Vega is not a flash in the pan. For a while, it seemed that he disappeared, but his chalk quotes have resurfaced these last couple of months around the city. The guy has mileage.


Albert Lee said…
for daily scribbles and more hats, find him on facebook.
Hey Albert, I'll check it out.

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