Seemed like my return to a New York staple was an appropriate time for me to return to my blog, which I have taken a three-year hiatus from. It's good to be back on the blog. The High Line? Not so much.

Since the 34th Street entrance is only three blocks away from my office, my coworkers occasionally go for a walk during lunch. Today I decided to join them. But as most New Yorkers know, walking on the High Line these days is very different than what it was like in the early days.

I remember the old High Line days of leisurely strolling. A time when you could actually stop and observe the plantlife and cityscape next to you. Now you don't have much choice but to keep walking—or risk getting trampled by the herd. The High Line used to be a place for respite and escape from the busy city. Now it's the exact opposite—worse in many ways than Times Square and Herald Square.

But one thing I'll always appreciate about the High Line is how it effortlessly brings together old New York with the new version. It will always have that.


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