Back from a day trip to Temecula, about 1.5 hours southeast of where we're staying. We did wine tastings at three wineries and visited a fourth. The wife and I seem to find wine country just about wherever we travel, or maybe it finds us. It surprises me that whatever region we're in, we always seem to find at least one or two very good wines. We're not big wine connoisseurs. But we love our reds and we love visiting wine country. For us, the picnicking, scenic drives, vineyard strolls, winery tours and stories are all equally as important as the actual wine. Hearing people's stories at the tastings, in particular, is a lot of fun for us. Today we met quite a few people with established careers who just kinda stumbled into the winery business. They quit their stable jobs, packed their bags and moved to wine country. Carol and I broached the subject of opening up our own winery one day. We concluded, in about five seconds, that it was too much work to be owners. And being the customer is just too much fun.


carollai said…
you speak the truth, o' master of mine.

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