We're back in L.A. this week. Our L.A. trips usually mean lots of family time, days at Manhattan Beach, and bubble tea overdose. This time around, I added the driving range to my list of activities. My brother-in-law is a big golf fan and took me out to show me how it's done. I never stepped onto a course in my life and my two or three previous trips to a driving range was more Happy Gilmore than actual golf technique. My bro-in-law taught me how to swing and make contact. My instinct was to lean back on my right foot and use a baseball bat grip. So learning how to grip a golf club and swing it the right way was not easy. I was just happy to make contact on a few swings. I think my resistance to golf has always been the money and the country club mentality. But being out on the range this week, I've started to understand why guys like this sport so much. When you're out there, you can forget about everything else.


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