When some friends of ours that live off the L train's Bedford Ave stop first mentioned that a new Duane Reade was opening up there, I have to confess I was excited for them. I've been in love with these new Duane Reade stores. I even wrote about it in a previous entry. But a recent article in the Guardian brought this problem to my attention again. It brings up the valid point that this is really bad news for Williamsburg. Duane Reade is awesome. Williamsburg is awesome. But moving Duane Reade onto Bedford Ave is just plain wrong. We shouldn't have been too surprised when Chipotle crashed Hells Kitchen's party a few years back. But Williamsburg was one of the last cool neighborhoods to keep its local flavor and not give into the commercialization conquest. So as much as I love the new Duane Reade stores, I have to side with the hipster on this one.


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