Carol and I had a date night tonight. We absolutely love and adore our daughter, but it felt so good to be out. It's been a long time since we dined out. Tonight - based off one of Josh Tamis' recommendations - we checked out Park Avenue Winter. The food was fantastic. Park Avenue Winter is part of a cool concept series. The Park Avenue restaurant has four evolutions throughout the year to reflect the four seasons in its design, decor, and seasonal menus. So one of its strengths is using the season's best ingredients in its dishes.

Tonight, we started with a potato and bacon gnocchi dish and salmon tartare. I had the herb-crusted veal chop with chanterelle and trumpet mushrooms and Carol had a Filet Mignon and short rib duet with root vegetables. We also ordered a hearty side of brussel sprouts with bacon, pears and apples. Even the breads were season-inspired.

Great concept and wonderful food. Check this one out. We'll be back when the venue transforms into Park Avenue Spring in March.


carollai said…
it was wonderful marvelous beautiful. i smile now thinking of it. thanks for the date.
Fun times, my love.

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