Given New York City's reputation for great bagels, it's a shame that so many bagels in the city are just average. On many weekends, Carol and I partake in the mouthwatering nirvana known as Ess-a-Bagel. It's my favorite joint in the city, and the bagels are pretty much perfect. Of course, perfect is subjective. Here's how I define it: extra crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside, generous fillings. And then the secret ingredient: New York water. Having eaten several bagels in L.A. and in Boston, I can attest that the water theory has legs. It truly does taste different in New York and our excellent tap water deserves some credit for that. Ess-a-Bagel's only downfall: long weekend lines at lunch time.


carollai said…
ess-a-bagel is awesomely delish. another downfall - sometimes scary people behind the counter that yell and their 'like' of asian girls. yuck.
Thankfully, that guy no longer works there. :)

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