Photos of Sesame Place, Langhorne
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Sesame Place
100 Sesame Road, Langhorne, PA 19047
Open daily through 9/3/12. Open weekends only 9/8 through 10/28.

We took our two-year old daughter to Sesame Place this past weekend, which is about a two-hour drive from the city. Sesame Place is a sort of pilgrimage for toddlers and young children from New York. Our daughter had an unbelievable time, and I think it was probably the most fun she's ever had in a two-day span. Having gone through Elmo mania and survived, I've created this mini-guide to help parents navigate this amusement theme park.

1. Purchasing tickets
Buy your tickets online and you'll get a second day free. And trust me, there's enough to do over a two-day span. Many kids want to keep riding the same rides over and over again. You also don't have to do consecutive days to get the two-day deal, either. Right now, Sesame Place is also offering an additional $10 off per ticket on top of the 2-for-1. But it's a limited time offer.

2. Wet rides? Dry rides? Or both?
If you're doing a two-day trip to Sesame Place, I recommend allotting the first day to the wet rides and the second day to dry rides. This is helpful for two reasons: 1) you'll save time because most of the wet rides are all in one area, and the same goes for the dry rides, and 2) avoiding the wet rides on the second day - the day you drive back home - makes for a faster, cleaner getaway.

3. Catching the shows
There are three different shows with several show times throughout the day. Even with all the show times, every show still manages to get packed early. I recommend getting to the respective theaters about 30 minutes early to ensure you have good seats for your kids. One suggestion is to have one parent get there early to save spots (bench seating) while the other parent finishes up a ride with the kids.

4. What's for lunch?
The food lines are ridiculously long. There are only three lines in Elmo's Eatery (and one is exclusively for ice cream). The two main food lines are long even at 3pm. Save time and money by packing your own lunch. If you're open to doing a late lunch, one tip is to find a nice spot on the parade route around 2:30pm, lay down a blanket, and eat lunch while you wait for the parade to begin at 3pm.

5. Get the iPhone app
This app comes with a built-in GPS navigator to guide you from ride to ride with a highlighted path. You can also locate the restrooms and dining options nearest you.

Feel free to leave any tips you might have in the comments section!


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