Today, we scouted a vacation apartment rental for some relatives in the area known as Dutch Kills, a neighborhood that rubs shoulders with Astoria and is technically considered part of Long Island City.

I'm not sure I'd classify the area as an up-and-coming neighborhood (although the realtor certainly sold it to us that way). Right now, there's a desolate, industrial feel to it. But there are glimpses of a great residential neighborhood in the making.

Residents fought hard recently to change zoning laws to reverse the trend of tall buildings and preserve the views from the old houses. The civic association is also taking steps to give it more of a residential vibe with tree planting on some of the main streets. Galleries and studios are making their way in, including a small artist's studio space shared with Space Realty (see the photo above). Dutch Kills is also home to the Museum of the Moving Image, and Silvercup Studios is nearby.

On the school front, charter schools are giving families reason to consider Dutch Kills. One of them is the Growing Up Green Charter School, which exposes children to the green culture early on through an "Explore and Discover" curriculum and a sustainability mindset. This year, the school serves K through 4, and an additional grade will be added each year.

One of the biggest things that Dutch Kills has going for it is its proximity to midtown Manhattan. Hop on the N or Q train, and you're only two stops away from the 59th St subway station. That means you can get to midtown in less than 10 minutes. With close proximity to midtown and easy subway accessibility, it's surprising to me that this area hasn't developed faster. It will be interesting to see what happens to Dutch Kills in the next 2 to 3 years.


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