Last night I trekked down to Union Square to hear Nick Hornby do a reading for his new book "Juliet Naked". I've only read two of Hornby's books, but I loved them both. Music has always been a huge part of my life. Hornby thankfully has the same preoccupation. So it's been rather effortless finding a connection with his writings. From last night's readings, it sounds like "Juliet Naked" is also steeped in music and full of references.

You can tell a lot about a writer and his fans through the Q&A. For instance, just about every question was music-related. Someone asked what was the soundtrack of his life at this moment in time. That's Hornby-speak for, "What are you listening to these days?" Another person asked which music biographies were among his favorites. Hornby rattled off a few titles, including Dylan's autobiography. But he also turned the question around and casually asked the audience for some recommendations. It brought out a down-to-earth side to the author which I really appreciated.

All in all, it was a great night. But I was mentally kicking myself for not bringing my beat-up copy of "High Fidelity" for him to sign.


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