One of the mainstays of post-9/11 New York is the bag check tables set up at various subway stations. The other day I had my first bag checked. I thought it was interesting how they got me to do it. The two cops kindly asked, "Would you like to do a bag check today?" But they said it like they were asking if I wanted to try a free sample of their mocha latte. They were so nice about it that I had to say "Sure, sounds good!" The bag check ensued, along with a conversation about the virtues of my bag brand, Manhattan Portage. The NYPD: fighting terrorism with a smile.

Check out my previous post on MP here.


carollai said…
funny that they asked you! they never ask me... they just tell me. but i'm glad they're randomly checking. good for the safety of all around.
True, I was glad to do it.

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