A very big part of our life in New York City is Vision Church. Vision is much more than just the place we go to for Sunday services each week. It's our community. As Carol and I have been preparing for the baby's arrival, we've been blessed by so many examples of community and love. One of our brothers volunteered to cook us meals when the baby arrives, and he has prepared us a couple of dishes already! We've also been blessed by the generosity of several parents, who have passed on extra boxes of diapers and bags and bags of baby clothes and maternity clothes for Carol. All of this generosity has saved Carol and I a lot of time and money. But what has meant the most to us has been the outpouring of prayer for us and our baby. Community can take many wonderful forms. But I don't think it gets much better than having a group of people praying for you and journeying with you through major life changes.


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