Last night, the SEIU 32BJ Union, which represents New York City's doormen and building service workers, reached an agreement with the building owners, averting a strike that would've affected thousands of buildings. The main point of contention was that the owners wanted to make cuts to health care and other benefits. In the end, both sides agreed to keeping the benefits, and the Union would work with the owners to find ways to reduce costs. Good stuff. Read more here.


carollai said…
it's wonderful news. glad they are communicating. and glad that amidst potential great 'baby' change in our home, we can share in the joys with our doormen. :)
SJinMass said…
Glad to see you blogging more regularly again. I have always appreciated your insights.
Very good news indeed, carollai. Thanks SJinMass! Definitely want to blog more often.

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