One of the best things about watching the World Cup games in New York City is you're guaranteed to find a home base bar for the country you're rooting for. Check out this cool interactive map that appeared in the New York Times. That's the city's diversity for you.


Cliff said…
Probably here in NC you are lucky to find a bar that will turn the channel to the World Cup. Nah, it's been showing, but not with a lot of interest. Somebody commented that the reason it is such a popular sport around the world evolved from the Olympics from the standpoing that the US and Russian kicked everybody's ass in the Olympics for years so all these other countries figured out this is something they can win.
Interesting point. I was surprised by the large interest in World Cup this year. I knew just as many - if not more - people who watched World Cup compared to the NBA Finals. And Lakers-Celtics was an incredible matchup and series.

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