I recently stumbled upon the band Monsters Calling Home on Youtube while watching old live performances of the Pixies. An ad appeared prior to one of the videos which chronicled MCH's amazing story. 

I'll keep it short. Just for fun, MCH decided to record a song in their Honda. They also videotaped it, and the video started making its rounds. Eventually Honda heard about it, and decided to throw MCH a little surprise. They asked the band to perform in front of several hundred Honda employees. But when the time came for the show, Honda explained to the band that they had to cancel the show. 

As MCH started playing the first few notes of a song to just a small handful of Honda media reps, they were interrupted. Honda then told MCH that the Honda performance was never going to happen. Instead they booked them for another show: a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and they were going there right that moment to perform! Their lives literally changed overnight.

The story is pretty awesome. But so is the music. If you're into the folksy, Mumford & Sons genre, you'll dig. As I was searching for MCH performances on Youtube, I came across a video that captured the band's trip to New York a few months back. With the exception of Times Square, it wasn't quite a tourist's point of view. It was more of an indie band's point of view of our city. 

I was amused at the places they chose to visit, many of which are some of my favorite spots in the city. This video is New York through their eyes. The video below that is a great live recording of one of their recent songs.


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