Are you one of those subway commuters who notices people and things as you go from place to place? Or do you tend to go quickly from stop to stop without being aware of anyone or anything around you? My overall pace seems to be pretty frantic these days as I juggle multiple responsibilities. But I've also tended to slow down quite a bit waiting on subway platforms. I could read another news article, or go through my emails again. But I could also just stare up at the art. And these days, there's plenty of it.

I recently discovered a great site that catalogs all the art that is displayed in the subway stations. It's an extensive collection, and my hat goes off to the person(s) that actually took the time to assemble all of this. It's a huge undertaking! These are some of my all-time favorites:

"Kaleidoscope" by Odili Donald Odita - 20th Ave station. Photo by Robbie Rosenfeld.
"Wall Slide" by Vito Acconci - 161st St - Yankee Stadium station. Photo by Robbie Rosenfeld.
"DeKalb Improvisation" by Stephen Johnson - DeKalb Ave station. Photo by Robbie Rosenfeld.

"Life Underground" by Tom Otterness - 14th St & 8th Ave station. Photo by Richard Panse.


Got a subway art favorite? Let me know!

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