Carol and I ventured out to two very distinct Manhattan event spaces in the past eight days. Two Thursdays ago, we attended her work spring benefit at Studio 450, a loft space west of the Garment District. The space itself was nothing spectacular, but it does poke its head high enough into the sky to offer gaping wide views of the Hudson River and midtown. Staring out those enormous windows for just a few seconds is enough to make any critic of New York change his or her mind in a hurry. Then last night, we attended The Doe Fund's Celebrity DJ Event at the Angel Orensanz Foundation on Norfolk Street, where the views were clearly turning heads on the inside. It was like blue heaven. Two very different event spaces. Amid hors d'oeuvres and silent auctions, I was reminded of New York City's inner and outer beauty.


Cliff said…
Nice picture. Great city. We just got back from a weekend up for the Leonad Cohen show. One thing I always remember about New York is how nice the people are and its seems better every time. Or maybe they just like southerners.

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