Don't compare Manhattan street festivals to county fairs and town carnivals and you'll be fine. They're just different. But they're still a fun way to enjoy lazy summer weekends if you're staying in town. Space restrictions keep these urban festivals simple and focused - almost entirely food and vendors. Two exceptions are Little Italy's San Gennaro Festival and Hell's Kitchen's Ninth Avenue Festival, which offer a little more: some rides, games, and more diverse food options. If you have the opportunity to check out the Ninth Ave Festival, you can treat your palette to soft-shell crabs and alligator meat on a stick.

This past weekend we stumbled upon the Lexington Avenue Festival which runs from 42nd Street to 57th Street. The Lexington Ave festival is pretty standard. Food options include gyros, corn on the cob, funnel cakes, smoothies, and sausage and peppers. Maybe the most fun part of these festivals is the stumbling - upon - something sensation. Online street festival schedules and conversations with local vendors seem to be the only advertising these festivals get. So when you see one, it's often a surprise. The stumbling - upon - something sensation seems to happen pretty often in the city.


carollai said…
yes. yes it does. we're always stumbling about.
Cliff said…
When we were in NYC a few weeks back we stumbled upon a festival on 6th Avenue right in front of Radio City Music Hall. This guy had a gizmo where he could put a potato on a stick and push it through and the potato came out spiral cut on the other side, still on the stick and then he would deep fry it. Interesting.

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