I think the love affair blossomed in my senior year of high school. Me and burgers. Those romantic Saturday nights at Mt. Kisco Diner. I would mutter two magical words: cheeseburger deluxe. And a few minutes later, there was my burger - with a slice of American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fries, onion rings, a pickle. I think there was cole slaw too.

Tonight, the romance still goes strong. At the burger joint at Parker Meridien. My first time at this venerable New York City burger venue. The burger was very good. And the place was pretty much how everyone described it. A hole in the wall burger joint hidden away in a classy Manhattan hotel on 57th Street. Like a carnivore's speakeasy. Once my friend and I stepped inside, it was like walking into the basement of a frat house. Cheesy wood paneling. Posters without frames draped haphazardly along the walls - posters like The Ramones and Midnight Cowboy. I thought to myself, I want a basement like this. Then the burgers came out. Tasty things.

People have all sorts of rankings for their favorite burger joints in the city. Among the top tier, it's hard for me to say Burger Place #1 is so much better than Burger Place #2. I like most of them. I really like JG Melon, Corner Bistro, Shake Shack, and now the burger joint at Parker Meridien. I had PJ Clarke's once and thought it was just okay. I remember liking Island Burger, but no fries?! That's heresy! But the burger joint at Parker Meridien, that certainly kept the flame alive.


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