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So it looks like NYU might be expanding. Again. Instead of continuing the inhumane conquest of Greenwich Village, I'm proposing 10 alternative expansion plans for the university:

1. an actual college campus with grass

2. reopening of the Palladium Club inside the Palladium (but keep the basketball)

3. Chick Fil-A (* please see my comments below and feel free to respond)

4. In-and-Out Burger empire

5. A Division 1 football team (made up of 100% transfer players from Penn State)

6. NYU subway line (takes you to every square foot inside Greenwich Village)

7. Upper Eastside campus: Dormandy takeover

8. Deluxe Meal Plan (includes Dosa Man, Artichoke Basille's, and Pomme Frites)

9. RV fleet to replace NYU shuttles

10. More financial aid

If you were on the Council, which plan would you vote for?


I've been going back and forth about whether to include this. The background for those that don't know, NYU has the only Chick Fil-A in the city. My expansion plan is just an in-jest suggestion to spread tasty chicken sandwich goodness to 8 million people.

After finally looking at the initial comments from Chick Fil-A's CEO which sparked the whole controversy, I think that people jumped the gun here and got a little too heated up given what was actually said. The writer of this blog offers an opinion that I can strongly relate to, and he says it better than I can:

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