Carol and I don't dine out very often, but one of the places we frequent is Landmarc. Of the two locations in the city, we prefer the Tribeca branch more than its Columbus Circle counterpart, although Columbus Circle is closer for us. We keep coming back for one reason, because basically we feel that Landmarc does one thing really well: serve great steaks at prices well below the top-tier steakhouses. That's about it. $37 gets you a big bone-in rib eye steak with a generous helping of fries and salad. Folks say the burgers are very good here too. The rest of the menu is pretty straightforward without much variety.

As far as the appetizers, the roasted marrow bones are interesting, but the dish doesn't come with much marrow. The salmon tartare is tasty, but very straightforward and expected. The desserts are literally bite-size. They do have some goodies on the wine list though and it's nice that they offer half bottles. In the end, I would only go here if you love steak, but don't want to lay down $50 for a slab of cow.


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