I don't post on Yelp, but occasionally I enjoy blogging about some of my favorite eateries in the city. Mad for Chicken (formerly Bon Chon) is one of them. This Korea Town joint has been around for a while now and the double-fried chicken is definitely good stuff. Supposedly the twice-deep-fried approach burns the chicken fat away. But I'm sure the deep-fried oil just negates the artery-clogging benefits. I've eaten the drumsticks and wings when they went cold and they were still really good thanks to the super-crispy skin.

Mad for Chicken also gets extra points for the weirdness factor. It's slightly tucked away in that you have to walk up a narrow stairwell to the second floor to get to the place. Once you walk inside, you realize Mad for Chicken is really a lounge, not a fast-food joint. So you can enjoy the novelty of eating wings and washing it down with Soju or a martini, which gives it a unique edge over its future competitor, Kyo Chon, opening up soon across the street.


Cliff said…
We have stayed in the Avalon Hotel in Koreatown on several occasions. I'll have to check this place out next time we are there. We often eat at the Mandoo Bar that has the homemade Korean dumplings. They make the dumpling dough fresh in the front window.

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