Carol and I celebrated our two-year anniversary with one of our favorite pastimes: wine tasting. Saturday we daytripped on Long Island's North Fork, the vineyard region out past Montauk. This was the site of our first daytrip while we were still dating. It was good to be back, seeing old familiar spots and discovering a few new ones. This time around, we hit five winery tasting rooms and still had plenty of time for strawberry picking and a delicious picnic lunch overlooking a drop dead gorgeous vineyard. Gazing over the vineyards it's hard not to think about one day managing our own vineyard and winery. It surprises me how good the local grapes are at the North Fork. They're often overlooked, but there are treasures sprouting out of those vines. We typically buy our wine at Trader Joe's Wine Shop because it's cheap and good. But after tasting some really good wines on our daytrip, we had to splurge on a few bottles. We came back to the city with five of them, plus three quarts of strawberries.

And now for a thought on marriage. It is sweet. And I've come to realize it's the little things that make marriage particularly sweet. Seeing my wife dance while she flosses her teeth, going food shopping together and methodically attacking our grocery list. I want to soak in these moments.


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