Carol and I went hiking with another couple at Breakneck Ridge on Saturday. The morning began with a bowl of oatmeal and a 75-minute ride on Metro-North. Right past Cold Spring, the train pulled up at a flag stop for Breakneck Ridge. A single wooden platform accessible only from the last car of the train allowed us to disembark like we were at Tombstone, Arizona. We walked south for about 1/2 a mile until we found the trail entrance. A couple of minutes into the hike we would come to realize how old Breakneck got its name.

White markers help keep hikers on the main trail. Breakneck is definitely one of the more challenging trails I've been on. But several sections of the ridge had alternate routes for less adventurous, more sane hikers. The hardest part of the trail is the first three quarters of a mile which takes you straight up the ridge. There were at least two instances when I felt if I had lost my footing, I'd go tumbling. Once you reach the first summit, the trail then goes along the ridge, which includes some ups, downs and flats, with two more summits perfect for picnicking.

Breakneck is definitely not for those looking for a leisurely walk through the woods. The ridge will make you work harder compared to other trails. The Labyrinth at Mohonk demands you to contort your body to fit through rock crevices. Bear Mountain has a pretty steep and steady rock incline that will punish your quads. But Breakneck will instill enough fear in you to make you respect it. It will make you work. But the picturesque Hudson River views make it well worth it. The proximity to NYC and accessibility by train also earn Breakneck extra points. Just don't hike it when it's wet outside.


Cliff said…
Cool that you can ride the train there.
carollai said…
yes. hiking when wet is discouraged. :) what happens if it just starts raining while you're there? :) proceed with caution.
fun times my dear! :D
SJinMass said…
Nice trick photography... I just took a picture that made my desk look like a wall. ha ha ha
Ha! Seriously, that photo is the real deal. No trickery there. Carol got her foot stuck in between the rocks.

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