One of the blogs that I follow is Matt Barrett's Greek Travel blog, the creator of one of the best Greek Islands travel sites out there. Barrett spends his time on various islands as well as the mainland, writing his blog and updating his travel sites. I would love to have his job. He also helps out with his wife's jewelry business. So his love for writing and the Greek Islands are not our only points of similarity.

After reading one of Barrett's blog entries, I usually find myself rummaging through ferry schedules or hunting for hotel deals for some of Greece's more obscure islands. Man, I really miss the place. Two years ago, Carol and I spent four nights each on three different islands: Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini. We didn't even stay over in Athens. As soon as we arrived in the Greek capital, we hopped on a flight straight to Mykonos.

Carol and I talk about going back and checking out some of the other islands at some point. We just love everything about the islands: the people, the history, the land, the water, the food. I wish that this blog existed at the time of our trip. I would've had plenty of writing inspiration to draw from for two weeks.


Greece is supposed to be incredible. Like super incredible.

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